Top 5 Great Tourist Attractions in Macedonia

Macedonia makes a perfect vacation destination. The country’s abundant cultural and natural tourist attractions draw many foreign visitors every year.

Here are five of Macedonia’s great tourist attractions.

Kežovica Mineral Spa

Located near Novo Selo, Kežovica Mineral Spa boasts of water elevated to a temperature of 74 degrees Celsius at its natural source. A thermal bath is constructed near the main region of the spring. The spa water has been found to be faintly radioactive, so it can be used for medicinal applications.

There is also a hospital nearby, specializing in physical therapy or physiotherapy. Water is obtained from the mineral springs then placed in swimming pools where physiotherapy sessions are performed. More info


The ancient town of Stobi, now called Gradsko, is considered the most celebrated archaeological site in Macedonia. A part of a U.S. government grant was spent to restore and conserve landmarks in Stobi.

During ancient times, Stobi was the center of Macedonian trade and warfare because it was strategically positioned where Axiós (Vardar) and Erigón (River Crna) rivers meet.

When you visit Stobi, don’t miss out on the impressive Ruins at Stobi and other historical sites, including the Northern Basilica, Central Basilica, House of Palms, Main Town Public Fountain, Big Bath (Magnae Thermae), House of Peristerius, House of Partenius, and Palace of Theodosius. More info

Samuil’s Fortress

Samuil’s Fortress is built in the 4th century by Phillip II of Macedon. Renovated in 2003, the historical monument, doubling as a popular tourist attraction, is located in Ohrid and is open to the public. More info

Markovi Kuli

Markovi Kuli, also known as Marko’s Towers, are the towers of Prince Marko Mrnjavčević. The medieval towers are bordered by precipitous slopes that are blanketed by tiny granite-based stones.

The rampart and its walls, dating back between the 13th and 14th centuries, are marvelously intact. The limestone walls, in particular, have a thickness of around one meter.

After archaeological investigations were conducted, an early settlement called Keramija was discovered in the remnants of Markovi Kuli. The settlement had spread farther and was bordered by a double gate on the north end and three towers on the south end. Some of these enclosures are well-preserved, making Markovi Kuli a stirring sight to behold. More info (map)

Širok Sokak

Širok Sokak (formerly called Marshal Tito) is considered the center of Bitola, Macedonia. Širok Sokak is an extensive street for pedestrians, commencing at Magnolia Square and finishing off at the bustling City Park.

Immerse yourself in rich Macedonian culture, and make a stop at Širok Sokak. You will find fabulous exemplars of neo-classical buildings. And those buildings are host to cafes, restaurants, and stores. You can also use the time you spend at Širok Sokak hunting for fantastic souvenirs for your trip. More info